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pisces rising/moon in cancer/sun in capricorn

used and bruised but still cocky
jane\martha (but not really)
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me and my dad my dad and i make jokes about dying all the time bc like sometimes we really both want to, obvi suic isn’t a joke but it’s the way with deal with our genuine desire to not exist anymore

so today he was feeling really sick and asked me where i wanted to go for lunch and i said wherever he felt the food was going to be okay for him to eat and he was like the only thing i would be okay with right now is 5 valiums and a glass of whiskey so i die

and we both hysterically laughed

again this isn’t even funny but it’s how we cope 


never come for grandma

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omg i come back home in two days and I’m so not feeling this flight like I’m so tired and lazy 

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i miss alli so much i just skyped with her for three hours :-(